November 2, 2010



How much do the Suns value Jared Dudley?

Kevin Durant, Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Mike Conley were the only other 2007 first-round draft picks who were as valued by their teams and signed contract extensions Monday night.

In a deal equivalent of a game-winning shot at the buzzer, Dudley signed
a five-year, $22.5 million contract extension 10 minutes before the deadline
that would have made him a free agent next summer.

Way to lock up the ultimate no-brainer, Bob. Congratulations. You did something right this season. Now about that Turkoglu trade...

Anyway, it's tough not being able to keep up with our Purple Passion. I get to read azcentral at work, but I rarely get a chance to comment at length, mostly because I don't get to see any games! I saw the home opener, though, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Suns kept it close all game long.

The only real negative I saw was the huge, gaping hole on the left side of the half-court. It's hard not to feel bad for FroLo left on that island all alone to contend with Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. (Captain Hindsight says, The Suns should have resigned Amar'e and picked up a player to match up with Odom.)

Hakim Warrick looked half way decent on a couple of pick-and-rolls, but we all thought Amar'e was skinny. Holy crap that guy has no chance against big front lines unless he sprouts wings or springs. Doodlebug's favorite, Go Run, tore it up for a while there, but what happened to him down the stretch? Gentry's gotta use him alongside Nash more - maybe with Richardson for a nasty little dose of small ball. I've been telling you for two years now, that kid's gonna be something special. That's why my baby girl picked him as her favorite player.

Speaking of life outside the Suns...don't ask.

The Earl Clark Question

I've seen arguments from both sides about this. Earl's a bust. He just hasn't been given a chance, yet. I said before his first summer league that I didn't think the kid was all there. he had that Joe Johnson interview quality where every word sounds like it was made from fresh dough as he speaks.

(Oh, look. The Giants won the World Series. Damn. Well, at least Bonds didn't win it.)

But he's got amazing raw talent and athleticism that would make a grown man puke out his own testicles if he ever used it. This season is a loss, even if we make the playoffs, so we may as well give him a shot the same way we gave Goran and Robin their shots.

Come on, Bobby. You already did one right thing today. Call off the playoff chase and prepare for future seasons.